7 Inspirational quotes by Gillian Anderson to deal with your dull day

Yes, It is Gillian Anderson’s birthday. She is one of my favourite actresses. She is turning 50 today.

We all loved Gillian for her role as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully on American Sci-fi drama series – The X-files. Dana Scully is one of my most favourite fictional characters. Her other notable credits include “The Last King of Scotland”, “Shadow Dancer” and the British-Irish drama series “The Fall”.

Anderson has won

● Two Screen Actors Guild awards

● A primetime Emmy award

● A Golden Globe award

Besides in acting, she also possesses the glory of being a good-writer. She is the co-writer of “The Earthend Saga” and self-help guide book “WE : A Manifesta for Women Everywhere

If you are having a slow dull day, then have a look at these 7 quotes written by Gillian Anderson. It will definitely steer up your energy and enthusiasm.


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