The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

“I look at books as being a part of activism because a lot of times they will show us a side of the world that we may not have known about” – Angie Thomas

“I look at books as being a part of activism because a lot of times they will show us a side of the world that we may not have known about” – Angie Thomas
In The Hate U Give, she does show up the unknown side of the racism in a part which rest of the world knows nothing about.
One of the reasons for its successes is that how Angie Thomas had radically simplified the complex issues into simpler terms. And it deserves a 5 star rating.
Do we need a star to fight for – The justice? The rights?
Not, indeed.
The story revolves around a 16 year old teenager, Starr Carter. She witnesses the murder of her unarmed, black friend in the hands of the white cops.
The case is filed and closed with the statement claiming Khalil is a gangster, a drug-dealer, he has been armed with guns, so and so thus his death isn’t an issue.
But the truth is police pulled over their car for no apparent reasons, accused them and forced Khalil to settle down in the road. Despite him being all co-operative, the police shot him down.
“The black boy murdered in the hands of the white cops for no reason” was the news.
Starr comes up with the quarrel with double consciousness over the point whether she has to voice out for the justice of her friends’ murder or to be suppressed by the brutality of the plunging systemic racism in her country.
Adding to the pain, she was also put to suffer muted by the racism indirectly shown by her close friend – Hailey.
Starr once reposted the picture of Emmett Till, a 14 year old boy murdered for whistling at a white woman in the year 1955 in Tumblr. Instead of the brutality done to the kid, Hailey argued with Starr for posting such contents.
And.. just like that.. she unfollows her Tumblr account..
She (can also be taken as a representative who) places many racism based remarks either consciously or unconsciously that struck Starr quick, hard and sharp.
We have come so far.
So is it about white Vs black?
Is it about all the white people vs all the black people?
No. Pause there.
Angie Thomas gives us Uncle Carlos, a white cop, brother of Starr’s mom who beams his full support to Starr in fighting for the justice.
Does Hailey sets you to drop your belief on friendship?
Pause again.
Angie Thomas gives us Chris, a white boyfriend of Starr, who stands by her through everything thick and thicker (Yeah you’re reading right. Go ahead !)
Thus, this book has a clear and definite theme preparing the readers to understand that,
  • Not all the White people are against the Black people (Chris and Uncle Carlos in the story <for example> will take care of that part)

  • White or black – Whatever the color of the skin – The blood spills the same red and it will hurt the same scale.

  • If a black skin seems disgusting, then it’s time for you to change your views before you get to be disgusting.

  • To be born as a star (Starr) is nothing, to die/ to be remembered as a Star.. it means something.

Once, When Starr understands the fact,“What is the point of having a voice, if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?”, she decides to speak.
As she voices out, it sets a rippling effect and thus a revolutionary wave begins to hit the floor.
It may not be a story that ends with happily ever after but it does serve the purpose with which it has been written.
Read the story “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas and it will make you listen to it.
You will listen to it and you will understand it.
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