When the wind blows

Once there lived a farmer who owned a land along the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Even after letting out several advertisements for recruitment to take care of his farm, no one seemed to sign up for it.

People were reluctant to work along the Atlantic, it had frequent raging storms. These storms were cruel, violent and destroyed every building and crop-field they touched.

After months of advertising and request refusals, a man approached the farmer for the job to take care of the farm.

“Do you have any skills or experience to work on a farm like this?” the farmer asked him.

“Well, I may not have enough experience, but I can sleep when the wind blows”, replied the man.

Although the farmer wasn’t much convinced by the man’s answer, the farmer was too desperate to have someone to help him on the field that he hired him anyway. The man worked well around the farm. The farmer was pretty satisfied with the man.

Then one stormy night, the wind howled waking the farmer. The farmer immediately got off his bed, grabbed a lantern, and headed towards the quarter where his helper was sleeping.

“Wake up” the farmer yelled, throwing the soundly asleep man off the bed,“ A storm is coming. Tie things down before they get blown away”.

The man sat up and said,“No sir. I told you, I can sleep when the wind blows.”

The farmer turned red with fury after listening to this. He controlled all his will to fire the man because at the moment it was more important to secure his fields and barn that to argue with his helper. The farmer ran out to tie the things up and was surprised by what he saw.

All of the haystacks were covered with tarpaulins. The chickens were in the coops, the cows were in the barn, the doors were closed and barred, and the shutters were firmly secured. Everything was tied down so that nothing could be blown away.

The farmer smiled as he comprehended what his employer said. Now, he understood what the man meant by when he said he could sleep when the wind blows. He went off to bed and slept soundly through the storm.

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