‘The Story Girl’ by Lucy Gaud Montgomery – Book Review #3

The narrator of this story is Beverley King. He is looking back on his beautifully evocative childhood memories of a summer when he and his brother Felix travelled from their home in Toronto to spend their summer in their old family farm, the King Orchard, in the Prince Edward island while their widowed father travelled to Rio de Janeiro on business.

They are to stay with their family members, Aunt Janet and Uncle Alec and their cousins Felicity, Cecily and Dan.

Nearby is another motherless cousin, Sara Stanley living with her Uncle Roger and Aunt Olivia with a father in Paris.

Sara Stanley is the titular Story girl.

Uncle Roger’s hired boy, Peter Craig and a neighbourhood friend, Sara Ray all forms the core-group of this story.
The King orchard was started by Bev’s Grandfather King. He began the orchard when he brought his bride home and they each planted a tree.

He and his family members continued to plant a tree for every special events in their life like each birth of a new child, each wedding and so on. Thus orchard becomes the living history of the family for three generations.

  • Observant Bev
  • Sensitive Felix
  • Self-confident and proud Dan
  • Beautiful, bossy, domestically talented Felicity
  • Sober, stubborn, peace-loving Cecily
  • Plain, imaginative Sara Stanley
  • Over-protected, tear-prone Sara Ray
  • Self-sufficient, passionate Peter

Thus with varying character set and human qualities, the children make the narrative real and sweet.

While the children are exploring through the Prince Edward island, summer and autumn, brushing up against tragedy real or imagined, laughing a lot, hiking in the orchards, brushing once or twice with death, picking fruit, cooking, collecting money for the library fund or making up sermons, the Story Girl is always ready with a tale.

The words of the author would effectively add more vivid pictures to this summer which can be looked back on with fond memories by these kids as well as the readers.




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