Why I stopped watching my long time favorite show Grey’s Anatomy?

Though the series has come up with 2 more renewed season and season 16 is gonna be premiering some time soon (I really don’t know the date. I’m not following up on the show’s updates lately), I for one have no interest in watching the show anymore.

The show has been going downhill for last few seasons but after the 15th season I decided the show is not gonna be getting any better and it’s time to quit.

Those who have watched season 15 will agree with me that the show has turned into a disaster. It is evident from the show’s lower rating of this season.

The show has lost it Charm. It is not the same show anymore. It doesn’t seem / feel like the show that I fell in love with.

Extending two more seasons and extending those forced relationship (Merluca and Jaggie which breaks all the Merder and Japril shippers heart), more boring story lines (like this season) and introducing more new characters to replace the older ones (by the way none are interesting), more love triangle and more breaking up of my favorite ships (Actually there were none. All my favourite couples were broken) and more Merluca (ewww I can’t stand them) all these seem pointless.

Grey’s anatomy was full of life but the whole of season 15 felt lifeless. Continuing the show for 2 or more seasons with this lifeless boring plotlines….. I just want this show to end already. Otherwise I’m gonna end up hating the show.

And that is something I don’t ever want to do – Hating my favorite show in the entire universe – No, No No – Did you read that? I cannot do that. I.. I am just quitting.

The main reason I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy is I couldn’t stand Merluca (I can’t even bring myself to spell the ship name).

It has been 4 years since Derek died yet I’m not over him and I never will.

Those dreamy eyes, perfect hair and for the amazing person he was, how can one get over him. Even after decades, when Grey’s continues for its 30th season, I’m pretty sure I will be in my first stage of grief – denial.

And I will be waiting for the day when Derek shepherd would knock the door and say he forget his keys and sorry for being gone long. My magic dream no different than Meredith’s magic dream.

They deserved each other and they deserved to be the end game. It hurts to watch Meredith with Deluca. Yeah, I watched season 13 and I watched Meredith with Nathan but that relationship stayed low for the entire season. There is no I love you or introducing him to kids and it’s lot less annoying. But every single chance they got last season, the show just tried to rub mercula on the face, it is so irritating. Come on there is no spark, no magic, no cuteness what so ever.

How can a single season of Mercula can replace 11 fantastic seasons of Merder?

At the end of day, it is always Derek shepherd. It is always team Merder.

Derek shepherd was the love of her life always. I couldnt get Arizona voice out of my head whenever I think of Merder. They were the greatest love, I mean, that girl’ heart beat for Derek shepherd.

How can i move past this. Merder was the great love story of all time and they are the greatest TV couple of all time. If you don’t agree with that then there is something definitely wrong with you. All the flirting, throwing away ferry boat scrub cap, saying I love you too and introducing him to the kids as her boyfriend just ripped my heart out. That’s it I’m done I can’t take it anymore. I can’t watch it anymore.

Unlike the good old Grey’s Anatomy where the episodes are filled with humor, emotion, drama and full of life, the new episodes completely lack everything. The new story lines are dull and dreary.

The writing/storylines have gone so for Downhill this season. They are basically just throwing stuffs together at this point. Other than Jo’s storyline, I think there is no substance in the show.

It is no wonder the rating of the show is going down this season. Just the crossover episodes with station 19 had bagged some good rating points. The old Grey’s Anatomy felt home. Now I can’t feel anything. The new episodes and new characters sucks.

Take me back to those days when everybody was alive and happy. Derek ,Cristina, mark, Lexie, Callie, Arizona, April – I miss these people like crazy. No matter how many characters had been introduced, it doesn’t change the fact that I miss the old characters all the time.

New characters can never replace the old characters no matter however hard they try. The new characters are not that interesting and promising. I prefer the old characters and old episodes over the new ones any day.

As long as the show goes on, I always miss them, I always want the old cast to return. Atleast I long for a what/if episode or flashback scenes even though I know there is no chance in the hell that’s gonna happen.

What else left there to watch?Everybody is either dead or left. All my favourite characters were dead. All my favourite ships were destroyed. I got so involved in the show. Those characters felt real and felt so much like part of my life.

I still can’t get over the death of Derek, Lexie and mark. They mean so much to me. None of my favorite couples are together anymore.

Merder were not an end game and thinking about it is heartbreaking. Derek was not around to see Mer and the kids. (Yep I talk about too much about Derek. I get it). Lexie and Mark’s death, Calzona splitting up and the custody battle, Japril divorce, oh my hearts aches.

After all these, Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t feel the same. Even the last ray of hope died when the makers fired Sarah and Jessica and ended their plot lines last season.

So what else is still there to watch? Even the old characters don’t feel the same and their relationship seems forced – Jaggie, mercula and Towen all these ships seem to be forced. It is like throwing random people together at this point.

Grey’s anatomy mean too much to me, it is not any ordinary show among the chosen ones that I had watched. It is a life changing show.

I can talk straight 24*7 how Grey’s Anatomy moulded me, shaped my life, how much I learned from the show and from the characters, how much it inspired me.

Now, after season 15, there is nothing to talk than to rant about how the show, plot and the characters have changed and how much I miss the old Grey’s Anatomy that just changed my life. How much I miss the characters I loved?

I just stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t wanna start hating it anymore than I do now. I don’t know – maybe I just want to leave Grey’s Anatomy on good terms.

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