“Inn Boonsboro Trilogy” by Nora Roberts – Book Review #8

The trilogy is set in the town of Boonsboro. A run-down hotel of Boonsboro gets a lift and renovation from the Montgomery family of three brothers and their mother Justine Montgomery.

Trilogy #1 – The Next Always

Beckett Montgomery, the youngest is the architect of the clan. He falls in love with Clare.

Clare loses her husband to the war. She returns to settle in her hometown with three sons to be taken care of and a “Turn the page” bookstore to run.

As the responsibilities become customary, she demures from anything but her boys and the career. Beckett’s Men-time with boys are so adoring. Eventually Clare finds the love again in Beckett.

“Hence, there is Next Always“.

Trilogy #2 – The Last Boyfriend

Owen Montgomery is the organizer of the Montgomery clan. He is the man who plays by rules and stays fixed to the schedule.

Avery MacTavish is anything but organized. She runs a pizza shop “Vesta Pizzeria”, a few steps across the Inn.

Owen has been her first boyfriend since they were kids. He has never been far away from her thoughts.

Though Avery is all strong and steady, she has a vulnerable side because of the abandonment of her mother.

This story is about how Owen earns her trust and make her to let her guards down and also to make her realize that her first boyfriend is going to be The Last Boyfriend for her.

Trilogy #3 – The Perfect Hope

Hope Beaumont is the former manager of D. C. Hotel. She slides into Boonsboro to work as the inn-keeper at the Montgomery’s hotel on the invitation of her college friend Avery MacTavish.

The betrayal by her past love, Jonathan, the son of the owner of the hotel she had managed and the new place she is now and the new people around splashes her with loneliness time and again.

Ryder Montgomery, the eldest brother of the Montgomery clan was also irritatingly getting under her skin intially making it all hard for her to adapt to the said new changes.

But the tension all ebbs away once she finds friends and family, love and trust, and, a home and a career everything the way she likes and wants at the Boonsboro.

Hence, “The Perfect Hope”.

The familial ties and the friendship amongst the people, all standing by the side of one another through good and bad times are more endearing.

Trilogy ensures “Happy-ending” to all.

If you want to read something light and warm, this can definitely be the right pick.

Each can be read even as a standalone except that it will bring on a natural curiousity to read the rest.

Rating for Trilogy – 8/10

Facts about author:

The author, Nora Roberts’s husband owns a book store in Boonsboro called “Turn the page”.

They also own a historic hotel which was undergoing renovations and was later opened as “Inn Boonsboro” by 2009.

The suites of Inn were named after the literary romantic couples with a happy ending which is reflected in the books too.

Some of the names of suites that comes in the book are,

~ Elizabeth and Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

~ Jane and Rochester (Jane Eyre)

~ Nick and Nora (The Thin Man)

~ Eve and Roarke (In Death series)

~ Titania and Oberon (Midsummer’s Night)

~ Marguerite and Percy (The Scarlet Pimpernel)

~ Westley and Buttercup (The Princess Bride)

Hence all these incidents and the people around seemed to have inspired Nora Roberts to write the “Inn Boonsboro” Trilogy.

Pictures of places mentioned in the Trilogy

Inn At Boonsboro

“Turn The Page” Bookstore

“Vesta Pizzeria”

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