Now That Derek Shepherd Is Back I Might Be Watching Grey’s Anatomy Again

If you have been following my blog from the beginning you would probably know that I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan and I had stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy after season 15. I even wrote a blog about that.

Grey’s Anatomy is my all-time favourite show. It means so much to me. It left a huge impact on my life. It is a life-changing show. I can literally talk a whole day about how Grey’s Anatomy moulded and shaped my life and how much I learnt from the show.

I really really loved the show. But after season 14 and Halfway through the season 15, I kind of felt like – I’m done with the show and I am over it .

The show felt empty after that. There were not much original cast left. Most of my favourite characters had been written off by the writers.

The thing that really annoyed me was the way Grey’s Anatomy writers tried to fade Derek Shepherd’s memory over the seasons and constantly throwing love interest after love interest at Meredith. The whole process felt rushed. Throwing ferry boat scrub cap and post it above all watching Merluca as a couple – That was something I really could not stand.

I could not bring myself to watch Grey’s Anatomy after that. I was so angry and annoyed with the show. Even during season 16 I often came across spoilers on the social media but it was never interesting enough for me to watch the new episodes.

But season 17 was a huge temptation. You guys know the reason for sure. It was making headlines everywhere. The whole social media is going crazy about Mcdreamy’s return and Merder reunion.

It was totally unexpected. I was completely shocked I think my heart skipped a beat watching that scene. At first, I thought the picture was a fake one and then I came across the video and realized it was real. It might be just a dream sequence but it is still real – so real. This is the biggest surprise for the whole fandom.

Watching Derek Shepherd back on the television was so overwhelming and emotional. It brought back lot of good memories. It was like a a huge wave of of nostalgia and happiness – pure happiness.

The whole scene was so beautiful – from the Sandy beach background and the band ‘Sleeping at last’s beautiful melody to the way he smiled and said Meredith its breath-taking. Also the way he looks at Meredith hasn’t changed at all. He still looked at her the same way he used to look at Meredith. Those iconic looks hasn’t changed since season 1.

I have not watched the whole episode I just watched the last couple of minutes but I’ll tell you what – That is the best couple of two minutes in the entire Grey’s Anatomy history.

It was so perfect and super emotional. I am getting so emotional even thinking about it and writing this blog. I might start crying soon. I still can’t process these emotion that this single scene has caused. He really showed up after all these years exactly like he had promised.

I am so pumped to watch Grey’s Anatomy again. Also I am hoping to see more familiar faces this season. So I am resting my decision up on tonight’s episode. If it hints that Derek’s gonna stick for entire seasonal run then I am gonna stick around and find out what happens next with Merder. I am definitely watching the show for sure.

If this is a glimpse or it has something to do with the season finale then I think it will probably be the best way for Grey’s Anatomy to end. It should end with Merder (Even if it is just a reunion in dream). That’s where everything started – with them as the heart of the show. I think it should also end that way.

But even if his appearance is for a episode or two I am still so much happy about it. This is everything I wanted for the last 5 years this feels like the universe has granted my wish. I am so happy they brought him back. I am so happy knowing Derek is still the most important person in Meredith’s life than all other annoying love interests.

I am going crazy over this reunion. I really can’t control my excitement and happiness. This is the best thing that has ever happened in 2020. It suddenly felt like 2020 was going great. Patrick, Ellen and Krista have really fixed 2020.

I’m gushing about it for the entire last week and I’m pretty sure I will be gushing about it for an another week. I don’t know when I’m gonna stop this gushing. Will I ever ? Will I ever get over this ? ?‍♀

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