The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn – Book Review

Dr. Anna Fox used to be a child psychologist in a private practice but after a traumatic experience she tends to become agoraphobic – she gets severe anxiety when she tries to venture outside.

She becomes a recluse, living alone in her home in Harlem. She spends drinking – playing chess online – and doing a bit of doctoring on an online forum Agora (For other Agoraphobes)

Anna knows all her neighbors not that she visits or calls them. She spies them all intimately through her Nikon’s zoom lens – their affairs, fights, sobs, smiles, dinners and what-not.

Slugging with despondence, glugging merlot, dosing and dozing herself with drugs, she tries to keep the depressing depression away.

A particular family – Russells interests her lately. On a late fine day, she feels like she heard a blood-curdling scream from the Russells House and she believes to have witnessed a murder there.

Series of contractions from everyone and the considerable reasonings from a concerned detective (Conrad Little), she becomes confused and unclear of the recollection.

Was it all true – the scream and the blood or were they just a figment of her imagination?

Anna is a great lover of classic black and white movies especially Noir-kind of collections. Hence the story intercuts with dialogues and references from all such movies.

The list of films referenced in A.J. Finn’s ‘The Woman in the Window’

The major twists and turns coming around the 2/3rd of the plot are unexpected and grappling.

But the monologue of the villainous character and the plot around that are a bit let-down.

A. J Finn has kept the story line air-tight. The emotional arc of the lead was well-structured.

Rating : 3.7/5

It makes a good read if you are into thrillers.

The woman in the window movie adaptation:

The book is getting a movie adaptation starring Amy Adams and Julianne Moore. It was originally slated for a 4th October 2019 release. But due to testing, editing and Covid 19 pandemic, it is now pushed to be released on May 14, 2021.

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