Top 14 iconic lines from 10 things I hate about you

90’s romcoms never gets old. They are timeless beauties and an absolute gems. There is something about 90’s romance movies. It just fills your heart and soul with its magic, lifts your mood up from any dull day. The pure nostalgia always leave you a little happier and put a smile on your face and sometimes it makes you happy cry too.

10 things I hate about you is such a adorable teen romcom classic.

This movie features the performance of Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Larisa Oleynik. It’s a modernization of William Shakespeare’s late 16th century comedy “The taming of the shrew” retold in an American High School setting.

In the story, new student Cameron is smitten with Bianca startford but has no chance of going out with her because of the house rules set in the Stratford household . Bianca can’t date until her sister Kat has a boyfriend. So Cameron pays high-school bad boy Patrick to date Bianca. But eventually they both fall for each other.

Not only that the film itself was iconic but it was also filled with iconic one-liners and dialogues. We have rounded up 14 of such unforgettable hilarious and relatable lines from the movie.

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